Lilly Top 10 - RESC is Well-Represented!

Lilly Top 10 - RESC is Well-Represented!
Below is a list of the Top 10 candidates for the 2017 Lilly Scholarship. 

Elizabeth Deckard—Randolph Southern
Hayden Downey—Union City
Austin Lawrence—Winchester
Kyle Reichard—Union City
Zoe Robinson—Randolph Southern
Elizabeth Sowinski—Union City
Aaron Wallace—Winchester
Kollin Warren—Union City
Leah Wren—Winchester
Landry Zimmers—Union City
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UCJSHS Academic Excellence Convocation

UCJSHS Academic Excellence Convocation
UC held it's Academic Excellence convocation on Tuesday to celebrate the accomplishments of students earning academic honors jackets and chevrons, as well as inducting new members into National Honor Society. Students can earn an academic honors jacket (or chevons) for achieving 4 straight semesters with nothing but 90% or higher in all classes. Students must meet criteria from the four pillars of National Honor Society, including scholarship, service, leadership, and character. From there, students must apply to become members of NHS. Congratulations to students earning these honors! Click here to watch the entire convocation. *UC would like to offer a special thank you to our community partners for making the jackets possible.

Hayden Downey - chevron for academic jacket
Katie Rismiller - chevron for academic jacket
Elizabeth Sowinski - chevron for academic jacket
Kollin Warren - chevron
Justiss Cantu - jacket
Kahlee Dowler - jacket
Connor Kerns - jacket
Ellie Kerns - jacket
Mackenzie Neeley - jacket
Nalaina Witezel - jacket
Lexus Bissell - NHS current member
Kierstan Wolfe-Stewart - NHS current member
Peyton Dean - NHS current member
Courtney Wise - NHS current member
Kora Kerns - NHS current member
Elijah Thornburg - NHS current member
Elizabeth Sowinski - NHS current member
Hayden Downey - NHS current member
Emma Barron - NHS current member
Bianca Vazquez - NHS current member
Kollin Warren - NHS current member
Jennifer De La Torre - NHS current member
Ashlyn Causey - NHS current member
Hailey Sousa - NHS current member
Hailey Mills - NHS current member
Landry Zimmers - NHS current member
Alison Conklin - NHS current member
Kyle Riechard - NHS current member
Tiana Davis - NHS new member
Isaac Jefferis - NHS new member
Jennifer Perez - NHS new member
Cassie Martin - NHS new member
Justiss Cantu - NHS new member
Rawlin Mills - NHS new member
Macenzie Neeley - NHS new member
Cody Crawford - NHS new member
Nalaina Witesel - NHS new member
Connor Kerns - NHS new member
Ellie Kerns - NHS new member
Emily Cline - NHS new member
Haley Witesel - NHS new member
DaKota Hanaway - NHS new member
Kahlee Dowler - NHS new member
Trevor Thompson - NHS new member

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North Side Cookout

North Side Cookout
North Side will be hosting its annual cookout on Thursday, August 29th from 5:30-6:30pm to welcome everyone back to school. All North Side families are welcome to attend and enjoy a hotdog meal. The Bookaneer book fair will also be open during this time.
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Zimmers and Foster named Homecoming Queen and King

Zimmers and Foster named Homecoming Queen and King
Congratulations to all the candidates for the 2016 Homecoming festivities. Landry Zimmers and Aaron Foster were voted as Homecoming Queen and King.
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Book Fairs are Coming!

Book Fairs are Coming!
The Book Fairs are coming! 

Join us as we get everyone “Hooked on Reading” at Pirate Island book fair in the cafetorium at the Junior/Senior high school.
September 19, 20, 21 and 22, 2016
Monday ~ Thursday, [10:00A - 3:00P]

Come to the North Side Book Fair where books are the treasure in the North Side gymnasium!
September 26-30, 2016
Monday ~ Wednesday, [10:00A - 3:00P]
Thursday, [10:00A - 6:30P] (we will be open during the North Side Cookout)
Friday, 10:00 - 1:00 PM
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Clinton Randall named Parade Marshall

Clinton Randall named Parade Marshall
The UCJSHS student countil members recommended and unanimously selected Clinton Randall as the Grand Marshall of this year's homecoming parade. There is no doubt Clinton has become and is a part of the RESC family for all of he does to support RESC students and school corporation. Clinton comes to many, many school and sporting events to take pictures, place them and articles online and in the Early Bird newspaper. Thank you Clinton for all your efforts!
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Homecoming Week, Sept 12-18

Homecoming Week, Sept 12-18
This year's Homecoming theme is Famous Cities.

Special Dress up days
Monday- PJ Day
Tuesday- Dress to Impress (Picture Day)
Wednesday- Crazy Indian Fan Day (Wear your Powderpuff or any other Indian Fan Clothing)
Thursday- Superhero Day (Keep it a secret, get your capes, and don’t let the bad man escape. Dress like a superhero.)
Friday- Red, White, and Blue

Special Homecoming Activities
Wednesday- Powder Puff Football at 7:00 PM
Friday- Homecoming Parade at 4:00 PM
Friday- Homecoming Football Game with Centerville at 7:00 PM
Saturday- Homecoming Dance at 8:00 PM
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NS Buddy Bench

NS Buddy Bench
North Side recently added a special bench to their playgound areas to encourage students make friends. Students might sit at the bench if they want to make new friends, if they want to play something different, if their friends aren't here today, if they are new to school, or if they want to make a buddy. Other students will see people at the bench and are encouraged to be a buddy.
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UCHS Students Earned MACC Distinctions

UCHS Students Earned MACC Distinctions
Malik Good, Audrey Sullenbarger, Julian Price, Macy Gray were selected to be members of the MACC leadership team. They, along with 8 other MACC students, will work along side with their teachers and the MACC admin team to make positive change within MACC program. As a part of their duties they had the opportunity to lead groups of our 8th graders when they visited the MACC on last Wednesday.
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NS Assembly on Character and Anti-Bullying

NS Assembly on Character and Anti-Bullying
Ventriloquist/magician Mike Hemmelgarn came to North Side with a fantastic presentation about the six pillars of character with an anti-bullying message.
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