Digital Citizenship Letter

Dear Parent and/or Caregiver,

The digital world that our kids are learning and growing up in is incredibly exciting. Through technology, kids have access to new tools, to an incredible range of resources, and to stimulating opportunities to participate in novel ways.

At the same time, parenting kids who are immersed in so many different technologies and apps can be daunting. Our school corporation is working to make sure students cultivate the 21st century skills they need. I’m writing to communicate my interest in and enthusiasm for bringing parents into the conversation about kids’ digital lives. I believe that a joint effort between parents and the school is a valuable way to more fully supporting the students and families in our community.

I encourage you to take a look at the program we are using at Randolph Eastern School Corporation, Common Sense Education. Common Sense is a nationally recognized, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. It is a trustworthy, leading resource for both schools and families.

Common Sense’s new program, Connecting Families, is a free program with a collection of resources that are designed to help schools engage families in the important challenges and choices kids face online. The resources include guides for different types of community events, as well as field-tested content to use in those events.
The program provides a direct way for schools to respond to parents’ appetite for high-quality resources about kids’ digital lives. It also offers an opportunity to bring parents and caregivers together at school and strengthen the home-school connection. In this way, the program would amplify and build on our school’s existing efforts.

I think Connecting FamiliesFamilies is a valuable program for our community, and I’m interested in bringing it to life in our school. I would love your support in thinking about how we can adopt it. In terms of next steps, I will be working with the administrative team and our Guiding Coalition to coordinate our first discussion group event. This will be held August 8, 2017, from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. More details will be coming in the near future. Thank you for considering the idea — I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Lisa Smith

To learn more about Common Sense Education’s tools and resources, visit

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